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How will a web site help my business?

A web site helps to legitimize a business as well introduce its products and services to a whole new market. Potential clients will have the opportunity to visit your web site and choose your company without ever leaving their home or office. Your advertising information is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

How much does it cost to have a custom web site built?

The cost to build a custom web site depends greatly on the amount of content you wish to include and the ways in which you want to display that content. We will discuss your business, your web site goals and ask you to supply us with the addresses of web sites whose design or content style you like. After reviewing these sites we will provide you with a detailed written estimate based on your project.

How much time will it take to complete my web site?

The amount of time it takes to complete your web site depends mainly on you. We will outline how much time we need to create your design proofs and build your pages but you will be responsible for creating the content, getting it to us and proof reading the returned page proofs in a timely fashion.

Can we complete the process without a face to face meeting?

Your entire web site can be built using email, phone conferences and the internet. We will assist you with any questions you have about any part
of the process.

What should I include in the content of my web site?

You can include any material you think is important to your potential clients. For your convenience we have prepared a list of items you may wish to include in your site content. You can download a printer-friendly version of this list at www.islandgirlsdesign.com/newsltr.html.

Can you help me write the material for my web site?

Yes! We offer content creating and editing services for your new or existing web site.

How will I send my materials to you?

You can send us your content materials using email or the postal system. We will give you instructions and guide you through the process.

How many pages do I need on my web site?

You can have anywhere from one page (although we suggest a minimum of 3 pages) to as many more as you wish.

Can I register my domain name and obtain hosting services through you?

Yes, you can purchase your domain name and hosting services through us. Again, we will “walk you through” the process.

What are the payment terms?

Our payment terms include a one-third deposit based on your original estimated amount. The next third is due upon your acceptance of a design concept and the balance is due when the balance of your site is ready to “go live”.

How will I be able to view my web site design’s progress?

You can check the status of your site at any time by calling or emailing us directly. You will also be provided with a private URL (link) via email when page proofs are ready for your review.

Will my domain name and hosting services be registered directly to me?

Yes! We do not purchase your domain name or hosting services in our name. We will set up billing and contact information to go directly to the email and/or address of your choice. You own the domain name and the hosting service rights, not us.

Do you use templates when designing a web site?

Each of our designs are custom made for a particular client by our graphic designers on staff. We do not use pre-made design templates that can be obtained by anyone else.

Will I receive all the passwords and user names necessary to have someone else access my web site?

Yes! It is our policy to provide each of our clients with all the information necessary to access their web site with or without us. FTP, email and administrative passwords and usernames are provided for each web site we design and build.

Will my web site be search engine friendly?

Yes! We pride ourselves on including all the organic search engine coding you would never know you didn’t get. Optimizing your web site to enhance search engine placement is an integral part of your web site design. If it isn’t set up so potential clients can find you, it isn’t doing you much good at all. We will teach you how to locate and view this coding to see for yourself.

Will my web site be submitted to the google?

Yes! We will submit your web site to the major search engines as well as dozens of others. We will even prepare a special sitemap to submit to google as part of your web site’s optimization process.

Will I have email addresses at my domain name?

Yes! If you purchase your hosting through us we will set up email addresses which end in “@yourwebsitenamehere.com”. If you’ve already purchased hosting somewhere else we will set up your email with them if email addresses are included inyour hosting package.

Will I be able to see statistics on the number of visitors to my site?

Yes! Your hosting purchase includes access to your site’s statistics including numbers of visitors, dates, times, and pages visited.

Will I receive all the original files used to create my web site?

Yes! We will upload al your original files to your web site which will enable you to use us or any other service to make changes to your web site at any time.

Will there be ads on my web site?


Can you update my existing web site?

Yes! We can update content, add pages or liven up the design of your existing web site.

Can I have movement or music on my site?

Yes! We use the latest industry standard software products including Adobe Flash which is used to add motion to text or graphics as well as sound.

What happens when I need to change something on my site?

We do not sell “maintenance” programs but instead work on a “per incident” basis which frees you from any contracts and allows you to make the choice to have us make any future changes you may need. We will estimate the work and then, upon your approval, complete the changes.

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